These general terms and conditions apply when you as a consumer visit Streetson shop and place an order via Streetson e-shop. The agreement is concluded between you and Streetson Group AS, Bergen. Detailed contact information and other information about Streetson Group AS are placed on our website. The general conditions are only applicable for customers that are consumers.

Buyer is a physical or corporate entity that sent an electronic order for the purpose of goods purchase after its own authorization.

Seller is a provider of e-shop streetson.com

Goods are products offered in the e-shop www.streetson.com.

Purchase price is a price stated in the order form inclusive of VAT and other fees to be paid by the Buyer to obtain the goods.

Electronic order is a processed and sent order form consisting of information about the Buyer, list of ordered goods from the e-shop offer and price of ordered goods. Simultaneously, the electronic order is a draft contract based on which the goods sales is performed. By confirmation of order the Buyer accept  Terms and Conditions of the Streetson e-shop and at the same time, he/gives his/her approval with processing of his personal data.

The website and all its content is owned by Streetson. The information is protected by intellectual property and marketing legislation. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphics, design, layout and information about products, services and other content may not be copied or used without the prior written consent of Streetson.


Streetson undertakes to ensure that no one, except the Buyer, uses the Buyer’s log-in details. The Buyer may not disclose its username or password to any person and shall ensure that any documentation with information about username and password is kept secure. The Buyer shall notify Streetson without delay if it may be suspected that any unauthorized person has obtained access to the his/her password. The Buyer is responsible for all purchases made with the Buyers log-in details if the Buyer has not provided such notification.

The condition of the contract is true and complete fulfillment of the overall information and requirements requested in the registration form. The buyer declares that he / she agrees with the processing and storage of personal data by the Seller. The agreement with processing of personal data might be cancelled in writing by the Buyer at any time.The agreement shall be terminated within one month from the delivery of the agreement cancellation by the buyer and the data shall be deleted consequently. 

  1. All received electronic orders are considered and the draft contract are binding.
  2. The Seller shall promptly notify The Buyer if it is not possible to deliver the goods.
  3. The Seller reserves the right to set off previous unfulfilled commitments of the Buyer in the case that the Buyer failed to fulfil his/her obligations against the Seller in the past.


  • The Seller is entitled to cancel an order or a part thereof, if the Buyer states false or incorrect personal data in order, if the ordered goods are no longer produced or out of stock or if the price was changed. The seller is also entitled to cancel an order if it is not possible to supply the goods to the Buyer within the terms and conditions stated in the e-shop. The cancellation of order in these cases will not be charged. If the buyer paid a deposit or the full purchase price, the amount will be sent back to The Buyer bank account within 7 working days

  • The Buyer is entitled to cancel the order without any charging fees within 2 hours after placing of order. The order may be cancelled only in written form (streetson@streetson.no). The Buyer shall specify in the cancellation letter : order No., name, e -mail address and description of the goods ordered. The seller shall inform the Buyer about order cancellation confirmation in written form (by e-mail, post). In this case cancellation fee will nont be charged by the Seller to the Buyer. The Seller shall return already paid purchase price or its part within 7 working days back to the Buyer bank account.



  1. When purchasing products on the Streetson website the Buyer has a 14 day withdrawal period in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation. This means that the Buyer has the right to cancel any purchase by notifying Streetson accordingly within 14 days from when the Buyer or its representative received the product.


  1. The right of withdrawal apply for the following situations:
  • Items must be unworn and unwashed.
  • Shoes must be tried on indoors.
  • Fill out your reason(s) for return on your returns note.
  • Enclose your returns note with the item, selecting the reason for return, and package up securely. The product shall be sent well packaged, in good condition and in its original box and/or packaging.


  1. In the case that the consumer avoids the contract and send back to the Seller the goods with decreased value    i. e. used, damaged or non-complete, the Buyer is obliged to compensate the Seller the costs for repair and restoring the original state of goods. The purchase price will be transferred to the Buyer after the inspection of the goods within 15 days in accordance with the relevant law provisions to the Buyer by bank transfer to the bank account determined by the Buyer, unless nothing else is agreed by both contractual parties.
  2. It is recommended to insure the consignment. No COD shipments are accepted.
  3. If the Buyer uses its right of withdrawal, the Seller shall pay the return shipping costs and is responsible for the condition of the product during the return shipping.
  4. When the Customer withdraws its purchase, Streetson will refund the amount the Customer has paid for the product incl. shipping cost (not shipping cost connected with withdrawal).
  5. Streetson will pay back the amount without undue delay, however, no later than within 14 days from the date Streetson received the Customer notification of withdrawal.


  1. The Seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the Buyer within the earliest possible delivery date after acceptance of the electronic order depending on availability of goods at the warehouse and after its operational capabilities.
  2. The place and the method manner of goods acceptance shall be determined by the Buyer when producing the online order. On order is considered to be finished when the goods are accepted by the Buyer.
  3. The Buyer is obliged to accept the goods properly and on time at the place specified in the order. If the buyer fails to take over the goods from a courier or the delivery is to be repeated because of absence of the Buyer, all costs connected with it shall be reimbursed by the Buyer.
  4. When taking over the goods, the Buyer is obliged to check the delivery and to inform the Seller about damage to package or the goods immediately (not later than within 3 days) and prepare a protocol about it.
  5. If the goods delivered do not match with the order, the buyer is obliged to inform the Seller about this fact in writing without any delay. Any subsequent complaints related to the quantities and the physical damages to the goods shall be refused.
  6. Orders are immediately transacted when the goods are in stock. If the goods are not in stock at the time of order, they will be distributed after they will be available in stock.


  1. The price of the goods is in accordance with the valid price list that is stated on the e-shop www.streetson.com. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices if changing the prices of determined by suppliers, importers or manufacturers. Valid prices will be notified to the Buyer upon confirmation of order. In such a case, the buyer is entitled to avoid the contract.
  2. All payments to be transferred by the Buyer shall be made in € or NOK, unless nothing else is agreed mutually.
  3. The buyer is obliged to make the payment within three work days from the day of order confirmation. If the Buyer fails to pay the purchase price within three work days, the order shall be cancelled.
  4. The Buyer has the possibility to select a payment method from several ones.


  1. Unless otherwise specified in the warranty deed, the seller shall provide for the goods a warranty of 24 months from acceptance of the goods by the Buyer.
  2. The warranty does not cover defects caused by the product use at variance with its purpose, mechanical wear or wear caused by common use.
  3. If a product is sold for a lower price because of a defect, the Seller provides the warranty of 24 moths, whereby the warranty does not cover defects, because of which the product price was reduced. These defects shall be specified in the contract.
  4. The Seller is obliged to handle a complaint and to finish the complaint process by one of the following methods: Repair of the defective goods, Replacement of the goods, Reimbursement of the price or Rejection of the complaint.     
  5. When occurring defect during the 24 month warranty period, the Buyer is entitled to apply the complaint under following conditions: re-deliver the goods (mechanically not damaged, clean, if possible in original package) to the Seller inclusive of manuals, warranty deed and invoice or any other document.
  6. When making a complaint, it is recommended to contact the seller per phone or e-mail or send an e-mail message (e- mail address: streetson@streetson.no) before making a complaint to inform it about product defect. As a result, the seller recommends a further procedure for the complaint.
  7. The seller shall repair defects without delay, at the latest within 30 days. In the event that the defects cannot be eliminated, the seller is obliged to replace faulty goods for new ones. If this is a defect which does not prevent from the use of the product and is not to be eliminated, the buyer is entitled to obtain a reduction in price of the goods in the form of a credit.
  8. In the case if no repair or replacement of goods is possible, the Seller is entitled to cancel the contract issuing the credit note in amount of the original goods price.
  9. In the case that a goods replacement for a new one is occurred, new warranty period starts to expire from the Date of new goods delivery.
  10. If a complaint is rejected reasonably, the goods under complaint shall be returned back to the Buyer.
  11. The seller shall take the decision on a complaint immediately, in complicated cases within 3 working days. In justified cases, where above all it is necessary to make a complicated technical assessment of the product state, within 30 days from date of complaint making. After expiration of this period, the consumer is entitled to avoid the contract or he/she has right for replacement of defected goods for new one.